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Katerina Charalampidou

CEO / Partner

Life and Financial Planner


The premier Association of Financial Professionals

If we asked Katerina what would she liked to be the first word a client thinks of when asked about her, she would choose the word "care". Non-negotiable. As a proud member of MDRT, she is always by the side of those who have chosen her, with care, interest and effective solutions.


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+50Years of experience & development
+20Collaborating Insurance Companies
+6000Satisfied customers
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Customers testimonials!

Anna F.

They manage perfectly all the stages of our cooperation, with courtesy, smile and always willing to serve us! Well done.


Michael Ch.

Excellent partners but above all people with feeling and understanding. They have full knowledge of our needs !!


Giannis Th.

They listen to us showing respect and care. They show concern for us when we need anything. They look for ways to help rather than deny. We feel their caring and we love them!


Gianna A.

Impressive experience the insurance procedure of my family! It helped us understand by finding insurance needs what we REALLY need to insure! ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED !!!


Panos L.

Confidence, professionalism, consistency and prompt service! Keep up the good work!


Rigas R.

Reliability, professionalism, fast service, a variety of product and service options. Well done!


Tania M.

Never again have beauty and courtesy met professionalism, consistency and prompt service. Congratulations!!!


Lela Ch.

Professionalism, immediate service and solutions tailored to the needs of everyone! Highly recommended !!!


Yannis D.

Complete proposals with the best benefits, at the best market prices. Your behavior, even in our smallest issues, makes us always feel safe with you. Thank you for your cooperation!


Yiannis P.

I wish everyone to have a distinguished insurance consultant like Katerina! Congratulations to the whole team of the office!


Gina K.

Katerina through a simple conversation with me was able to find out my real insurance needs. He explained to me how I can get a complete coverage in the most economical way.


Vera P.

Katerina checked my existing contracts and advised me that there is a better combination with the same cost. He explained everything to me in detail and helped me understand.


Alexandra M.

Katerina was always by our side! Both easy and difficult!


Helen K.

What impressed me was that he listened to me very carefully. Then I realized that she is very good at her job. He was looking to find out what my real needs were. Thank you very much Katerina!


Yannis T.

With more than 15 years of cooperation with you, I am sure that you are the insurance consultant that everyone would like to have!


Ann P.

We would highly recommend Katerina for any insurance needs, extremely helpful and has a very client centered approach.


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We love animals and we prove it with acts !!

We are very happy that through dog΄s voice we insure every new adoption of a dog for free!

In 2019, with a personal recommendation for their work, we managed to help financially through the MDRT Foundation, a fact that happens for the first time in Greece!

The next step was to undertake as official sponsors the FREE health insurance for one year, of all dogs adopted through the dog΄s voice.

We created the "we do care pet" program, with which the animals receive health benefits.

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